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XAMPP runs on all platforms so the instructions below are probably the most generic. First Validator, then Semantic Mediawiki, must be activated using the following lines: Enabling one extension at a time is safer as you can determine which change or extension caused a problem. Download and install Media Wiki [these instructions were tested with 1.21.2, current bitnami version is 1.23 as of December 2014] for XAMPP and your OS from [9] 5. Experienced users should not need these line by line instructions. It may not be the latest version - see steps 13-14 below for how to install the latest version if required.You should see Semantic Media Wiki (version nn) listed as a Parser Hook there.Create a regular wiki page named "Test SMW", and in it enter the wiki text Property test: testproperty:: Dummypage When previewing the page before saving, you should see a Factbox at the bottom of the article that shows your input.

You may need to add extra lines to enable semantics on more than one domain name, e.g.

If semantics are not enabled on particular domains then they will not be visible from those domains, although you will still be able to edit and change them from any other domain on/through which the wiki responds.

That allows semantic annotations that are invisible to untrusted parties. Do not create an new pages/database you care about if your intent is to upgrade an existing database you have not yet installed.

Instructions for updating old SMW databases are complex and in the INSTALL.


Semantic Bundle does not necessarily include the latest version of Semantic Mediawiki.

This tutorial is intended for beginners who want to learn how to run Word Press locally.

In order to run any PHP/database application on a local computer, you need a local host (ie.

If you need the latest Semantic Mediawiki for some reason, then follow these steps: [OPTIONAL] 13. by unzipping Semantic Media Wiki] is now installed and working.

Create some pages with properties and use other Semantic Mediawiki features to test.

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Under 'Installed Extensions' you will see each active extension that you have just enabled. Load the Main_Page of your newly installed semantic wiki at Create some pages with properties and use other Semantic Mediawiki features to test each extension.

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