Torahanytime com dating

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Torahanytime com dating

Man is the sum total of what he gives; and he loses a piece of himself every time he takes.

Without enough self-esteem, every relationship is rigged for a no-win scenario.

Alternatively, this person may cater to others because he so craves their approval and respect, but he does not take care of his own needs (a product of the doormat mentality).

Only someone who has higher self-esteem is able to give -- love, respect, time, and attention -- to both himself and to others.

Indeed, the root of the Hebrew word, ahavah, love, is hav, to give. When we lust after someone or something, our interest is purely selfish in our desire to feel complete.

When we love, however, our focus is on how we can express our love, and give to the other person.

Emotionally healthy people generally have positive relationships.

Giving out of fear or guilt does nothing to enhance self-esteem. Such a situation is not really giving; it is the other person taking.

It is reflected in how he treats himself and others.

A person who lacks self-esteem may indulge in things to satisfy only his own desires, and he will not treat others particularly well (a product of an arrogant mentality).

The child cannot wait to get out of the house, while the parent is forever concerned with the child's wellbeing.

Every positive emotion stems from giving and flows outward from us to others, whereas every negative emotion revolves around taking.

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Our self-worth is therefore dependent on others' opinions.

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