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The white flowers on the bottom right either form a left-handed bass guitar (Paul's instrument), or they spell out Paul.

2) "Beatles" is spelled out in red flowers on the cover.

Handsome Sutherland has lived in Lowertown for six years, and he says he's looking forward to giving the 'hood yet more curb appeal.

In the Fall of 1969 a rumor swept around the world alleging that Paul Mc Cartney, singer and bassist for the Beatles, was dead.

Researcher Andru Reeve has traced this midwest origin of the rumor to a song titled "Saint Paul" that received heavy airplay in the midwest in May 1969.

The song, penned by Detroit-based Terry Knight, spoke of Paul being in heaven.

John Chancellor even discussed the issue on the NBC evening news, concluding that "All we can report with certainty is that Paul Mc Cartney is either dead or alive." Mc Cartney only inflamed the rumor by refusing to appear in public to deny it.

However, they also planted clues in their later albums to let fans know the truth, that Paul was dead.

Beatles fans, who came to be known as "cluesters," spent countless hours searching for clues hidden in the albums, eventually locating hundreds of them.

After this incident, a few scattered rumors of Paul's death and replacement by a double were reportedly overheard at London parties.

But it was two years later, in the American midwest, that the rumor really took hold.

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On January 7, 1967 Mc Cartney's Mini Cooper really did crash, and as a result a few newspapers did report he had died.

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