Classmate dating get into own peek sneak Dating your boss

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With costuming for Lady Beatle, we’ve discussed 60s influences and clever Beatles-esque nods, plus a few surprises you’ll have to wait and see!

While the musical world is unfolding, Naomi and I will be poring over relevant source material: articles, videos, biographies, research papers, history books, fan sites, newspaper clippings, podcasts – you name it.

Our research shows that most people prefer “sneak peek at,” but a sizable number would choose “sneak peek of” instead.

Why, for instance, do most of us say “a glance ,” we can only examine preferences; we can’t declare one usage right and the other wrong.

Naomi and I will bring to the table some initial musical ideas that we think could potentially work – be it to drive narrative development, character, or simply as entertainment – and the band is also very generous with sharing their own ideas.

Because we’ve been working together for many years across multiple projects, the individual band members are very much our equal co-creators on the work.

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One of the most exciting things about developing a brand new work is that the possibilities are limitless.

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